More than words « Today Translations

More than words « Today Translations.




Couldn’t agree more with this article written by

With more & more freelance translators looking for projects & more and more supposed translation job databases “popping up” all over our search engines it is hardly surprising that strange incomprehensible “words” and “phrases” are also growing in number!

Only the other day I was showing a client of mine around Paris when we started to get a little peckish. So we set about the mission of  trying to find something a little  “typically French” to eat.

What a good job that my command of French is good!

With delightful meals like ” a mouldy breast of salmon” & ” a salad of goats” on offer my client was beginning to lose her appetite very quickly.

I have to say that we had a good giggle but for the sake of my English friend we ended up eating a good old Croque Monsieur.




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