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About « Quality in Translation.

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We were awarded our right to promote the “Quality in Translation” campaign. If you are passionate about your career as a translator then join today.

This is what Quality in Translation have to say about themselves.

About the Campaign
The “Quality in Translation” campaign is run on a non-profit basis by industry professionals with the goal of improving quality levels across the industry. The approach taken by the campaign differs from that offered by industry standards (such as the EN 15038:2006 European standard). We simply feel that while such standards may not do any actual harm, their application to translation services offers a false sense of quality and is driven by a fundamental misunderstanding of how a quality translation is “assembled”. Quality in translation is NOT achieved by following procedures, it is achieved by developing and working with professional translators. No matter how good your procedures, a poor translator is never likely to produce a quality translation.

Want to display the logo?
Just send an email to campaign@qualityintranslation.org detailing why. Upon approval, we will send you the links so that you can display the logos on your website. You will then be invited to publicise your membership and are free to take such steps as publishing press releases or indeed anything that will raise awareness of the campaign.

Want to promote the campaign?
As the campaign is run on a non-profit basis we are, more than anything, in particular need of people who are willing to push this campaign forward in the social media (facebook, Linkedin, Proz…). All we’re asking is that you promote the message.

Please visit their site and support their campaign. As you can see from my blog I am most certainly in favour of some kind of policing of the conditions set out for translators.

STOP taking ridiculous offers and respect your profession – please!



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