Annual Plan 2011 | About TAUS | TAUS – Enabling better translation

To supports of the campaign to improve conditions for translators,

As you will be aware from previous posts my associates and I are putting our voice to the campaign to regulate the translation industry and providing better “Quality in Translation”.

Whilst trying to find similar supporters I came across this very interesting article written by a man “with a face and a name”.

I hope that you will take the time to read his mail and also a few minutes to watch one of his conference speeches in Portland USA.

Annual Plan 2011 | About TAUS | TAUS – Enabling better translation.

Dear Colleagues,

Twenty years ago I called for the first LISA meeting in the Sonesta Hotel in Amsterdam. I funded the first year of industry roundtable meetings (then known as INK Roundtables) before we created the independent LISA organization. Two weeks ago LISA informed their members that the organization would cease operations.

LISA is gone, but its mission is not completed. Unlike industries such as travel, telecommunications, banking and transportation, the translation industry has still not found a common ground on which to build truly efficient operations. The lack of interoperability costs the translation industry a fortune – 40% of respondents to a recent TAUS survey say it costs them more than 10% of their budgets. That is a giant bite out of our margins.

I am sending this urgent call for action to everyone with an interest in the global translation industry: translation buyers, agencies, tool developers, translators, institutions. Please forward this email to your peers, customers and suppliers. We’d like to reach everyone. We want standards to work and unwanted friction to be removed from our processes.

TAUS is stepping forward as an industry watchdog for interoperability. It is a natural extension of our role as an industry innovation think tank. We don’t want to own the standards or create new standards. LISA delivered good interchange format standards, that may require some fine-tuning and extension. Our focus is really to channel the demands for interoperability and standards requirements, and to unify the buyers in making interoperability compliance a purchase criterion.

We will represent our members in working with the relevant standards bodies. We will set up an online interoperability dashboard and ensure that the market embraces standards and puts them to use in their everyday operations. If you think that this standards discussion does not affect your business, listen to this from one of the respondents to the survey: “I had no problems with standards at all until we decided to change our vendor. We lost 40% of our leverage and an awful lot of time and resources fixing things.”

If you are like us and you want to help enable better translation, help the industry to grow and prosper, we ask you to download the extended Annual Plan for 2011 and complete a short survey thereafter to provde your feedback.

Please also let other others know that you take interoperability seriously by using the badges found on the rightside of the screen.

Thank you,

Jaap van der Meer

To read more from Jaap van der Meer visit his site


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