QUIT whilst you’re ahead!

SJC Paris

Whilst digging around for interesting translation related blogs at the weekend it became extremely obvious to me that many translators do support their fellow workers. Thanks to sites like Twitter it seems that a new kind of be-friending is taking place. It’s not the type of relationship that we saw with the increased success of Facebook, but a friendship that respects talent & hard-work.

One blog that caught my attention was “Twitter for Translations?” – why you may ask did this blog catch my attention in particular? Simply because the writer took time to mention and link to fellow professionals in the translation industry. It struck me that whilst some translators are ready to help promote their associates there are some out there that quietly plod along alone.

Sunday afternoon was spent discussing this subject with a translator friend. We were bantering around ideas for highlighting the QUIT (Quality in translation) campaign and the same question kept on cropping up; Why is that translators on the whole aren’t willing to put their names to a campaign that cries out for some kind of regulating within the translation industry? Surely we all want the same thing? Surely we all want a decent living? And surely we all want this for all professional freelance workers regardless of their field. Aren’t you entitled, after many years of study, to earn a decent crust?

So let’s QUIT taking insulting rates with ridiculous deadlines and start demanding better conditions for all.

I thank all followers for there unrelenting support – you know who you are!


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