Is it time to QUIT?

Dear readers, followers & last but definitely not least professional translators,

After a hectic start to the week, I have finally found time to write about a subject close to my professional heart. Yes, QUIT – the largely written about subject regarding fair pay in return for quality translations.

The question often arises as to why translators are unwilling to add their support to campaigns in order to get this precious work regulated. It seems, after much discussion with other professional translators, that many are scared of putting their name to campaigns because they believe they risk being “struck off” translation agency lists.

My argument is this; If this should be the case, then obviously the agency was never paying enough in the first place!

Don’t get me wrong, translation agencies provide a valuable service but does their cut really need to be so large?

As I am not in a position to “take this to the streets”  I decided I to have a little dig around the search engines to find out whether anybody else thinks it’s time to QUIT.

Here a couple of extracts from bloggers ranting (quite rightly so) about quality in translation:

Quality in Translation

April 6, 2011 by Andrew Allen 2 Comments

Here’s a topic that’s always bothered me a bit. Those who know me know that I have a strong fondness for Japanese culture – I like anime and I’ve self-taught myself enough Japanese that sometimes I can go an entire episode without reading subtitles. This brings me to an annoyance that comes up every so often. There have been some translation attempts, even by actual, official companies who translate Japanese into English subtitles (for those fans who want subs, not dubs – that is to say, English voices) that even I, with my self-taught knowledge of Japanese, could do better. It’s one thing for a fan translation to be poor – they aren’t getting paid for it. However ……… Read more

Cheap Translation Services And Poor Quality Translations

Are cheap translations shoddy & of poor quality?

Often this question comes into our minds, and we are unable to find any satisfactory answer. I was asked the same question and I replied, “Yes correct, but not always”

“How can you say that?”, “I can’t accept this as true, because once I got my document translated from a translation agency which offered me comparatively most lower rates and it was terrible experience.” It was tony, my very close friend who was shocked with my statement.

Are you also the victim of any so-called cheap quality translation provider, and that’s why you are really against cheap translations??

Then I am obliged to say that, you are right BUT it is not always the case …Read more

I also came across a poll on asking “Should translation be a regulated profession?” and of course many translators pointed out how difficult this would be.

Does it have to be difficult?
I don’t believe so – creating a QUIT network of professional translators offering quality translations in return for fair rates would be a step in the right direction.
I’m taking my first steps and soon hope to be taking strides! Want to join me?


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