An Ode to Translation

If mine word were but a mere vibration cast out to catch the wind and disperse forever, never to be heard again, would you exist my darling?

If mine worth were no more to you than a morsel cast out to a beggar in need would you except that all I say is true my love?

If mine sense were to be torn from my heart without the time to deem my words deserving of your adoring eye would you construe my meaning adequate my sweetheart?

& if my love, I fail on all counts, all that I have left is ask of you once more,

If mine graphemes do not to bring you pleasure, would you forgive me if I were to revert to phonemes, so that one’s ears would at least feel the depth of my meaning,

For my word is not a mere vibration cast out on the wind but rather the very essence of my survival on which I rely to nourish my empty and aching belly,

You must forgive me mine love if you will, for my mind has quite fallen from the clouds and has thus absconded without trace into the crowd.

~ a professional


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