#RW2011 not another royal blunder I hope?

Yes, being a Brit through & through it’s only  right to  figure out a way to intermingle the subject of translation & the Great British Monarchy!

Actually, not as difficult as you think – you try to explain to a “royal-less” Frenchy why Britain would go ahead with “the wedding of the decade” when the Economy (poor Economy) is so fragile. Why hundreds of Brits will sell their soul to get their hands on  William & Katie tea-towels, mugs, plates – or anything for that matter that can be  proudly displayed on their Welsh dresser, when families have never been financially worse off.

If I am beginning to sound like an anti-royal wedding campaigner forgive me for I am most certainly not! I am merely trying to explain to you the difficulty of formulating a decent explanation, for my English students in Paris, for the hysteria surrounding this occasion. Let’s face it the last time we had such a fairy-tale romance it ended in tears!

I had the usual questions regarding whether or not English people are really into their Monarchy or whether they were just happy to have a day off work, go to the pub & perhaps capture a glimpse of the occasion on the widescreen TV usually put aside for the Saturday footy – I really don’t know what they were trying to say? Do we Brits really have such a wholesome reputation?

Quite frankly it’s hardly surprising that the French find all of this heightened frenzy of activity surrounding two young lovebirds a little bizarre when you think of what happened to theirs back in the late 17 hundreds!

I thought I had the perfect remedy when I quickly grabbed a press-cutting entitled “Katie Middleton – Princess Flawless” Judging by the title it was surely to bring an answer as to why so much rests on this young royal couple to restore the tarnished reputation of the Monarchy brought about by the “Queen of Hearts saga”. Oh how disappointingly wrong I was – it seems that we do not have the college love-affair we thought we had after all, but the modern-day answer to an arranged marriage that the press just can’t wait to get their hands on!

So my answer to your questions my dear French hosts is just this – we may only be a tiny channel of water apart but culturally oceans – anything else I may or may not add to this would only be lost in translation.

I will of course be taking my seat in front of my PC, waving my little flag with pride & cracking open a few cold ones in order to toast the happy couple. We should all wish them look – they may well need it!



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7 responses to “#RW2011 not another royal blunder I hope?

  1. B Voisin

    Apparently, something very exciting is taking place tomorrow in the UK. Being French , I thought the English government eventually decided to be nice to their poor, poor taxpayers and give them, as we are used to, an improvised bank holiday to keep them off the streets and Charles’s recycled oil run Bentley (no raw eggs on my Missus’s face pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease I am just going to the local theatre)…
    Mais il n’en est rien. (Just trying to introduce another French expression like déjàvoooooooooo, culllllllllde sak or koooodegrâââââ one for me, Ruppert ;)!). Being happily Pacsed (French creation to avoid the trouble of wedlock) to the most fantastico English woman on the planet, imagine my dismay when she declined my invitation to spend a lovely Friday afternoon in Versailles at ‘le petit Trianon’ to sit in front of her home-made computer (so British) to watch THE wedding of the century (Ooooooooooops, there must have been another one, but when?). The beauty of mixed marriages is just this: it brings the rough with the smooth (this poor Frog, Snail eater –why do I even bother to use capital letters, hey? – has been helped on that one, thank you, Daaaaaaaaaarlin’ –by the way she’s from ManchestÖÖÖÖr).
    So where was I? Oh dear, oh dear (apparently you people can’t swear on the internet which is another massive cultural difference that I am trying to come to terms with…I even got the right postposition  ). So, in order to be agreeable with my Missus, I am going to spend most of this beautiful and sunny Friday watching Ladidi’s impersonation (another French expression) marrying below her (his?) station to the absolute delight of air-hostesses and childrens’ entertainers. And, while my bank account will suffer from buying ten thousand mugs, tea towels, mops (why not?) and condoms, I will shake my little French flag in unisson to this glorious day.
    I seriously believe the Chunnel was a big mistake…..

    • All I have to say my darlin’ is that whilst coming to grips with the English “way of life” drinks, drinks and more drinks – the impotance of our wonderful Monarchy escapes you – oh what high treason – off with your head (by the way i have wanted to say that all day) & in answer to your question concerning tomorrow – yes we shall be sat with our flags – English & French coalition happily without any mention of ……

    • B Voisin

      Clean your moats, then we can talk….

  2. B Voisin

    Mais que fait flat-footed Carla Bruni, Berlusconi et Sarkozy? où sont mes petits drapeaux? Putain, putain, c’esty vach’ment bien nous sommes quand mêm tous des zeuropéens 🙂

  3. That’a another kind of “royal family” all together & thank god Cameron, Clegg & the old school “house of lords” do not wear Gucci watches and Police sunglasses in order to take the limelight away from our “royal stars” tomorrow! God bless them all tomorrow & let’s hope that that the intervention of an over inflated ego does not get in the way……

  4. B Voisin

    Once upon atime a French inglorious basterd called Jacques Séguéla said that, if with fifty, you could not afford a Rollex, you were useless, dead meat, a taxpayer, a cog in the machine, a thing.

  5. My love, did he include the “black goddamn market” in his statement? Reminds me of the situation in the “world of translators” ….

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