Translators Shush – you’ll make them curious

Many of you who have visited this blog before will know that I have not got a very favourable opinion when writing about the apparently growing band of “anti-translators” out there. Take for example “Was that CLOUD or CROWD” highlighting a particularly scathing attack on professionals, who in my opinion, get a pretty rough deal as it is.

This supposed professional CEO of an unnamed company based in Florida is just one of the reasons why I am determined to continue with my dogged plugging of the QUIT (quality in translation) campaign. Although there are many others like me out there, none of them seem to want to put a name to their support. Maybe I am wrong to do so – we’ll see if my earning drop any lower as a result!

Don’t get me wrong, if you are here reading this and are thinking “she is one het up woman” then please take a look back at the likes of “10 Hot Tips for the Sun Struck Translator” I mean come on – I do have a sense of humour!

Now however is the time for action! With the ever-increasing plugs & mentions for MT (machine translation) it’s time to batten down the hatches and get tough or you may find yourself not only losing jobs to price-dumping, crowd-sourcing, cloud-basing, M-translating and whatever other –ing you would like to add, but also to that other dreaded enemy Googling!

As mentioned in some of my previous blogs I do respect the opinion of others and do so by searching out good articles and using them as part of my argument. This afternoon I stumbled across this article which I think deserves a read ~ “Are Computers the Future of Translations?” I read with a certain mixture of agreement and also frustration. The frustration eased a little when I got to the closing lines

 ~“Ultimately, good translation is a creative process. Machine translation is an incredibly powerful tool, but thinking it can replace human translators is like thinking an oven can replace a chef.

I talk about frustration & I would like the chance to explain why; bang on enough about anything and people become curious, start trying it out, wonder what all the fuss is about and then POW before you know it you’ll be sharing your preciously won project with that wonderful machine and that already low rate we all complain about will just start to get lower!

I am a lover of modern technology & believe it has a place somewhere otherwise why would somebody have taken so much trouble over inventing it? Translating an email with MT to chat with the foreign friend you’ve just met out in cyberspace is one thing, however when you let it start being party to translating a medical leaflet where the contra-indications could be a matter of life or death is another matter entirely!

Thank you to RXND for the use of your article and to for the use of the image.


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