The Great Translation Chain

  ~”Supporting common causes whilst showcasing professional ability”

Some of you may have seen my tweets on The Great Translation Chain, but for those of you who have not & for those of you who loyally follow this blog, here’s the latest news on our new project.

We have been talking for months now about fair rates & fair deals for translators & have been asked many times in return what can be done to address the situation. The answer remains unclear but one thing for sure is that we professionals need to stick together.

So this is where The Great Translation Chain comes in; where translators will have the chance to work together & at the same time showcase their professional translation skills. In addition, you will also be raising awareness of causes such as modern-day slavery & the plights of natural disaster victims.

We believe that this approach will work well for all involved because not only will the translator have the opportunity to demonstrate just how well they can translate (despite the common belief they cannot)but they will also get showcased in a positive way. No longer will you need to spend time translating 250 word test documents!

I know that when my associate & friend came up with this idea I thought I want to be involved; in fact I want to make it happen!

What are we asking translators to do?

Quite simply to give up a little time! We are going to post a text highlighting a different plight each week and all we ask is that you translate it, post it & then pass it on a fellow translator specialising in a different target language. Hence the word chain; yes just like those dreaded things that sneak their way into your mailboxes! But don’t worry; if you don’t have anybody to pass it on to you won’t be jinxed!

Together we will build up a network that will transform the way in which people see the jobs of translators. Each translator will be important in keeping the links of this important chain together!

Are you ready to show your support?


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