Scrambled Translators

~ Put all your eggs in one basket — and watch that basket! Mark Twain – The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson

I am an empire

Having one’s own little business empire can really give you a sense of pride. Not being at somebody else’s beck and call can certainly have its advantages, especially if you’re an organized and motivated professional. But just one word of warning to all of you young & budding translators and freelancers; don’t go putting all of your eggs in one basket – the bottom may just fall out!

I decided to write this post today in order to give a little advice to any of you out there who are just starting out as freelance worker; whether it be in language training, translating, in fact any kind of freelancing.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

If you are lucky enough to get plenty of work right from the outset you will be counting your lucky stars. If all of that work comes in from one place then even better; you will be rubbing your hands together all the way to the bank and not giving a worry to tomorrow’s bread & butter. One word of warning to the wise – watch that the basket doesn’t have a hole in it! Remember if your one true & loyal collaborator goes down you do too!

The butter just got spread thinner

The best way to survive (especially in times like these) is to spread yourself around– supply to many different clients and then you can be sure that even if one of them goes down you don’t get dragged down with them!

I think it is safe to say that if you are reading this then you are probably like the rest of us; working hard to earn a meager but important income. Unfortunately we don’t belong to the 35,000 or so workers in France that earn around 4M Euros & only have 15-20% taxes to pay, so we really do need to take care of our eggs & ensure that the baskets are plentiful!

A spoon full of sugar

Giving advice is an easy end to “take your own medicine” kind of week in which I’d wished I’d had my own advice given to me before.


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