Finely Tuned Words

SJC ParisOver the last decade I have probably made the biggest life-changing decisions of my life – and boy have they brought about change!

The first was to completely uproot myself, move country, and leave what I knew behind in order to discover a whole new direction to my life.

Of course this brought about a professional change; I didn’t want to leave everything that I once knew behind but of course if the skills I had honed in the UK were going to have any credibility they would have to be adapted to my new life in France.

What better way to adapt them than to make them relevant to the universal language industry! I have to admit that at this time I was definitely not ready to go it alone and so I initially employed my skills to the benefit of some “shark”!

50 hour working weeks and long tedious journeys soon kicked the entrepreneurial part of my brain into touch & so the next life-changing decision came about, but not without the valuable help of my friends & associates – vital at times like these. And so, SJ Consulting was born – a language solutions company combining all of the essential ingredients for a language lover, with the added benefit of having the most wonderful network of associates to work with!

The mixture of teaching, translating, coaching, proofreading and of course not forgetting blogging really does keep me on my toes; being able to share this work with associates keeps it interesting and alive. I know that many people tend to choose to stay “very much” on their own, like to keep the work they find to themselves, even when they find that they can’t manage everything they receive. On the contrary I have found that I am actually far more productive sharing what I have!

Sharing is getting, in my opinion & in the opinion of many that I speak to, very thin on the ground. Real sharing is not just about re-tweeting somebody else’s posts; it’s about giving some of your time, your energy & most importantly your heart to something that benefits the lives of others. It’s for this very reason that my associates and I have spent so much time discussing & developing our idea for The Great Translation Chain. If this were ever about one thing, it was giving!

Giving brings me back to the original subject – the biggest gift I have been given in the last ten years, is something that is about to happen very soon; the opportunity, thanks to some very dear people in my life, to be baptized –! Better late than never – at 43 I am proud to say that the decision to be baptized is one that came from my heart & was made possible thanks to the giving of others.

What better time to put something back into this life? I hope that I have persuaded at least some of you to be a part of a gift to others, which let’s face it, is just a matter of giving away a few words! Making The Great Translation Chain work means only one thing to my associates and I; using the talents we have available to us in order to give something back to others.



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4 responses to “Finely Tuned Words

  1. Samantha,
    You make a very good point about sharing… As translators, we can often feel that our colleagues are our competitors, and yet they don’t have to be. I really love this notion and hope it slowly spreads throughout our industry, beginning with The Great Translation Chain! We can accomplish more together than we can individually. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    If only there were more like you out there! One of the biggest problems that I find is that not only do some people not want to share but neither do they want to support!

    Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of positive things happening out there and sites like Twitter certainly do help you to hear about them – I just get frustrated sometimes by certain people having the “I’m in, I’m out” kind of attitude!

    You are most certainly one of the more positive people I have had the pleasure to meet …. thanks!

    By the way, I am going to add a world map on the collaborators page of The Great Translation Chain displaying where all of the wonderful translators that have given up their time come from.

    You already have your place!

  3. Samantha, we don’t know each other, but I like what I just read. The point you make about the sharing and the giving goes so much beyond the translation industry but encompasses all of life. The world would be a better place if more saw things this way, but it is inspiring to see that more and more seem to.
    Well done on having the courage to take the decisions and make things happen in your life.

    Take care

  4. Hi Samuel,

    We do kind of know each other through the support you showed to The Great Translation Chain! I only wish there were more people like you and Lisa out there! We are trying to do something here to bring back the essence of sharing & giving freely to others. Although many people have pledged to help once the chain is in the right language combination we are still waiting to kick off with the French into any language combination.

    I very much appreciate your kind words and hope to stay in touch!

    PS you were hit 2000 – I owe you a cold beer!

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