Beware! The Scorned Translator!


This is the terrible message my associate received this morning from a web terrorist who has apparently been being 🙂 determined to exterminate translators for good:

“Technology WILL replace translators and I know a couple of things about creating complex software…doing so since (sic!) 30+ years”

Now, you are warned:  a very special software is about to be born and it all the more so dangerous as its idea was conceived at a time when I.T. was in the teething stages…


This person also “trained young translators a few years ago and TOLD them their job is vanishing” did they commit suicide or decide to sell burgers instead?

I wish to express my gratitude to Translaterminator for the good laugh I had this morning both at this ridiculous ranting and at my poor business partner who was and is still fuming with rage!


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