Viva España, el pueblo unido….

Wagner vs IMF

Dashed Dreams?

After witnessing the dynamite ignited in most Arab countries and most recently in Spain, we were awaiting something to happen today in the (over) mythical Place de la Bastille. The expectation that French people would join the protest of their fellow EU counterparts was crowned with success, ironically, mainly in part by a mob of French civil servants all belonging, lo and behold; to the French police force who deployed a cordon protectively around the dreadlocked demonstrators sitting in protest beneath the gilded statue of “Les trois glorieuses”!

La France, pays des droits de l’homme et du citoyen and instigator of the  aborted  (thank God !)  Union Pour la Méditerranée project, otherwise  known as, the wait for it, Barcelona Process !!! Et voilà le résultat! Oh la la 😉

The French, having not yet been downgraded by Fitch&Poor despite their massive external debt and having not yet been subjected to drastic austerity measures were obviously very happy on this day to rest on their dead laurels and pretend to host a demonstration which, no doubt about it, is going to make their own taxpayers very happy with their little purchasing power and the way the unemployment rate is belied by official numbers.

Viva España, el pueblo unido….

Athens Revisited?

If you are behind the Spanish “Indignados “and if you are a translator who wishes to help transmit the message, let’s face it, this could happen in your country anytime soon; please visit “The Great Translation Chain “and pledge your support.


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