Translators from all countries, unite!

No, I am not a Marxist and yet I believe there is a case for urgency! An urgency to denounce unchained neo-liberalism which renders life impossible for the majority of worldwide citizens to the profit of the richest, the ransacking of planetary resources, the worshipping of money, ugliness, the casting aside of goods and people, the ferocious promotion of egotism; the pre-planned systematic destruction of our natural habitat, the lack of information on the human and ecological stakes stemming from our governing bodies.

An urgency to denounce the deliberate crushing of our educational systems, the threat weighing on cultural and linguistic diversity due to an ever increasing disappearance of languages and the uprising effects of globalization.

An emergency situation to safeguard, whilst still possible, the specifics of each and every country, of each and every culture, to voice our opinions rather than to just put a cross on a ballot paper, the right to circulate real information and not just to gossip.

As translators, our mission is to also use our talent, as a powerful communication tool to convey ideas which solely belong to us and as a means of resistance.

I would love to have internal knowledge of what is really happening inside Serbia, Macedonia, Korea, Burkina-Faso and elsewhere. I have little trust in most media, the majority of journalists being unfortunately submitted to stakeholders’ censorship.

What is really happening in your respective countries? What impact does globalization have on your lives? Who are you really? What causes do you support? I am an idealistic person and what’s wrong with that? I do not want to find myself trapped in a box that was created by others to chain me, and I am convinced that an efficient collaboration between people who can perfectly master two or even three languages could become an extremely dangerous weapon to be used against the formatting of ideas.

All the best to you,

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Bénédicte Voisin


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