The GTC newsletter is out!

Whether you are a regular reader of this blog or just taking your first look today we want to tell you about our The Great Translation Chain Project.

It is for this reason that we have decided to copy the newsletter, that was written today, to this post.


The GTC Newsletter

Welcome to the Great Translation Chain Newsletter-The page where you can find all of the latest news surrounding our translation project, its highlighted causes and of course the invaluable contribution of our building global collaborators.

The project, as we imagined it would, has presented us with a few challenges over the couple of weeks since its launch; however nothing that a little determination could not overcome!

Firstly, a mention for those of you who have contributed to the global visibility of this project, aimed at tackling languages and cultural barriers, whilst protecting both the linguistic diversity and the essence of the author’s intended message.

In terms of statistics, we are proud to announce that within the space of just over two weeks, we have registered more than 1,200 hits and numerous enthusiastic comments -via not only the site but also through many social and professional networking sites & personal emails of support .In terms of, not only what the experts say regarding new blogs and drawing free contribution to a new project such as this, we consider The Great Translation Chain to be a success in the making.

It is NOT our intention to tread on anybody else’s toes but to contribute to the global awareness of hot issues.

Translators’ mission:

Because of the so-called supremacy of the English language brought about by globalization in the business and financial sectors, as translators we have an obligation to give visibility to languages which are currently threatened by the economic pressure imposed on certain linguistic communities.

The linguistic passage through the Chain can be likened to the difference between a package holiday and the independent traveller; we hope we can restore real communication between people and raise genuine interest, curiosity and use languages as a tool to overcome the crippling pressures brought about by economic differences.

This is NOT a one-sided effort. We need your participation; we need your personal contribution not only through translation but, more importantly your testimony. For instance, tell us how you feel about the impact of globalization on your language and culture, of censorship, tell us about your personal fights and, in addition, on a more positive note, your achievements in order that they be shared in turn.

According to the UNESCO, 50 % of languages face the threat of extinction; on average, one language every two weeks, if nothing is done, 90% of languages are likely to be wiped out during this century. This was also a deciding factor when we first started the project; when faced with these statistics, we came to the conclusion that the only way in which to slow-down these alarming figures, was to devote some of our time through this project to also encourage the contribution of ‘vernacular language’ speakers.

In order for The Chain to serve its purpose; which is to spread through as many languages as is possible, it is important that us, as translators take the target language of other translators as the source language, thus entrusting your fellow collaborators in the same way as we trust your contribution. It is only through this method that our project will become as far-reaching as is possible.  We not only trust you as translators, but also as witnesses of the times as well as proofreaders and moderators.

We would like to add here that, should you like to make a contribution, whether as a translator, proofreader, writer or an advocate for causes you do NOT need our pre-confirmed approval. In trust we trust J ! There are two ways in which to pledge your support for The GTC©, either directly through the site using the comments box on the collaborators page or via email. Our pledge; we will respond to each and every enquiry.

Hope to see you all soon

Samantha & Bénédicte

Founders of The Great Translation Chain©


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