Translators wanted – Translators wou in hierdie taal – Fjalori i përkthimeve të kërkuar në këtë gjuhë

In order to try and increase the number of collaborators to The GTC We have had to resort to the services of Mr Google… shame on us! We hope we have not involuntarily insulted our fellow translators in the process and that at best they could have a good laugh at our expense.

Translators wanted

Translators wou in hierdie taal

Fjalori i përkthimeve të kërkuar në këtë gjuhë

Übersetzer gesucht in dieser Sprache


Translators ուզումայսլեզվով

Itzultzaileak hizkuntza honetan nahi


Traductors volia en aquest idioma

Tradiktè te vle sa nan lang

Prevoditelji htio na tom jeziku

Oversættere eftersøgt i dette sprog

Tõlkijad tahtnud selles keeles

Kääntäjät halusivat tällä kielellä

Cyfieithwyr eisiau yn yr iaith hon




Fordítók akart ezen a nyelven

Penerjemah ingin dalam bahasa ini

Aistritheoirí bhí sa teanga seo

Þýðendur vildi í þessu tungumáli


Translators meklē šajā valodā

Vertėjų norėjo šia kalba

Μεταφραστές ήθελε σε αυτή τη γλώσσα

Penterjemah ingin dalam bahasa ini

Tradutturi riedu f’din il-lingwa

Vertalers gezocht in deze taal

Oversettere ønsket på dette språket

Tradutores queria neste idioma

Prekladatelia chcel v tomto jazyku

Prevajalci želel v tem jeziku

Translators ville på detta språk

Watafsiri alitaka katika lugha hii

Translators wanted sa wikang ito

Překladatelé chtěl v tomto jazyce


Çevirmenler bu dilde istedi

Перекладачі хотів на цій мові


Dịch giả muốn bằng ngôn ngữ này


…there were also other languages we wanted to use but unfortunately Mr Google could not translate. Perhaps human translation has a little time left yet!



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5 responses to “Translators wanted – Translators wou in hierdie taal – Fjalori i përkthimeve të kërkuar në këtë gjuhë

  1. Hee, hee! Too funny that you turned to Mr. Google! 😉

  2. Always interesting to see Google Translate results, they make translators feel warm inside for being indispensable 🙂 Here is the correct Greek translation of Translators wanted: Ζητούνται μεταφραστές
    The current translation backtranslated means: Translators he/she wanted in this language.

    • Thanks both!

      Catherine – That’s why we need people like you if only to help broaden visibility for the Chain 🙂 – The correction will be stored in the database! Sorry for the whoops!

  3. Samantha, I can’t seem to find my language 🙂
    I’m sure that, by now, you’re completely overwhelmed by Spanish translators. If you need assistance, you know where to find me 😉

  4. Hi Silvina

    No we are most certainly not overwhelmed! 🙂 Never! What are your language combinations?

    Please feel free to translate any text already posted on The Chain or, even better, write one!.

    We have already highlighted the situation in Spain through “Los Indignados” however, we would love to support the plight of people (whether Spanish or from other Spanish speaking countries) through our site which is also yours.

    Have a great evening! 🙂

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