The Gueuloir – The Greeks on Prosopopeia’s Altar

“Believers in the shock doctrine are convinced that only a great rupture (…) can generate the kind of vast clean canvases they crave. It is these malleable moments, when we are psychologically unmoored and physically uprooted, that these artists of the real plunge in their hands and begin their work of remaking the world.”

Naomi Klein The Shock Doctrine

The Greeks on Prosopopeia’s  altar.

In dealing with the Greek crisis the French economic press apparently relishes using figures of speech and most ironically the Greek prosopopeia  ( prosôpon “the person” et poiô “I fabricate”; another alternative being “ I reify the person and humanize abstraction”).

Morceaux choisis:

Even though the Greek Economy is ailing and the IMF is at her bedside (a weak and ailing person being necessarily a woman) the Crisis could be contagious and therefore Markets panic and need to be urgently reassured. Since the Threats could plunge the world into recession, Banks demand guaranties before flying to her assistance. Furthermore, French Banks say in a low voice all the evil they think of new prudential regulations and Rating Agencies have Greece in the firing line. Only harder Austerity Measures will save the Eurozone and prevent the Domino Effect from destroying other European Economies.

Hardly any mention of the Greek people’s predicament except when these “ungrateful human creatures” decide to take to the streets when they should be praying for the recovery of this new-age Divinity.


~ Bénédicte Voisin

This text has been added to our project The Great Translation Chain Project in support of the Greek people.



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