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Here is a copy of the first of our newsletters posted to our business site SJ Language Consulting – we hope that our blog followers will also be interested …….

Welcome to The July SJC Newsletter

The addition of this page is aimed at giving clients, perspective clients & anybody who has an interest in the subject of languages, an insight into our linguistic activities.

I don’t want to bore you with information that you can find elsewhere on the site & so let’s get straight to business.

It’s been quite a busy and exciting month with lots of brainstorming and creativity flying around. It all started with the debate over translation rates, price-dumping & the basic belittling of translators’ talents & work by many critics out there. Of course being very protective over the excellent reputation that we have managed to build up, we had our word to say. Many of these “words” can be found on our SJC Translations blog.

We not only entered into the debate about what can be done regarding both the subject of rates & quality, but also into the question of regulation; apparently much spoken about but few results in the making.

This is where the idea for the QUIT seal came from – quality in translation, something we have to insist on if we are to protect the livelihoods of those of us to whom translation is a profession. If we do not insist on this quality, we are in fact at risk of having to step aside for those pesky machine translation tools!

We carry the QUIT seal on our site to demonstrate that we pledge to providing quality work & no price-dumping. If you would like to do the same please contact us & we will gladly provide you with the link.

So you could argue that there was lots of talk in the house but very few results – you would be right but we are not giving up on this subject – not by a long chalk!

Now, on to really exciting news (save the best until last) of our latest project, “The Great Translation Chain“.

Let me start by giving you a quick run-down of the events leading up to & surrounding the conception, the development of the blog & finally the success which the project is already experiencing.

After the disappointing lack of solutions regarding the conditions under which some (I am tempted to say most) freelance translators work, we decided it was high-time that something positive was done.

We talked & talked – very often late into the night, looking for a project that would bring all who had a passion for languages together. Knowing that that there are many professional networking sites aimed at freelance language professionals meant that this was not really an option & quite frankly, inspite of the good job they do, this path was not really one that we wanted to go down.

Then one day, at the start of one of “our debates” the idea of the Chain was born! My associate came to me, smile on her face “What about a chain?” – can you imagine my confusion – hum “yes what about a chain?” trying to hide the puzzlement from my face.

Actualy the explaination was extremely clear; bringing together professional translators, proofreaders & writers, giving them the opportunity to showcase their work whilst at the same time having a very good reason for wanting to do so! The reason – a humanitarian one – something that is close to our heart & that we hoped others would embrace; translating short articles in support of the many causes out there that receive little or no global visibility, mainly due to language restrictions.

At this point, I am of course going to ask you to take a look at The Great Translation site for yourself, to see the chains of articles, one after another, in many diffrent languages is quite impressionable!

The work of our collaborators & the reaction to the project has been really quite humbling. No sooner do we post a new Chain than the email responses & offers of help come pooring through & of course for this support we are eternally grateful.

Understandably, as the project has only, in real terms, been running for about the last four weeks it is still in the development stages. Of course as the object of the project was to raise the image of language professionals (quite rightly so), helping to preserve languages in danger of either being wiped out all together or being rudely anglo-saxsonised ( see Halina Arendt’s article re-written for the Chain), its main function is to help non-profit organisations & causes to use our services to have their messages translated without having to worry about there being any incrude cost. This is something that we are tirelessly working towards achieveing; the total realisation of our orginal goal!

The words from a couple of our collaborators (left on our ChainChat forum)sum things up really well!

“I understand we need to collaborate in social projects to decrease suffering, and start an era free of disease, misery and conflict.
I work some 10–14 hs a day. If I use some 30 min of my time on behalf on common welfare, my collaboration here is part of my contribution to provide relief for social causes.

Have a great “now”! ~Antonio lacerda de Barros

“The main reason why I joined the Chain is because I enjoy translating and the fact that this (time consuming) action was for good cause gave it full legitimacy. I enjoy comparing different translations of one article, even into languages which I don’t know so I have the opportunity to always learn something new, which is another thing that attracted me. I really believe this initiative can develop into an influential institution and place for good international cooperation, so I wish the founders all the best in their future work!” ~ Marija Lekic

So, there we have it – in a month we have managed to bring together translators from all around the globe in order to take part in, what we believe to be, a far-reaching project with the far-reaching goal of crossing the barriers of language diversity, in order to give the voice back to those who have something importantly vital to say.

If you have something to offer in way of supporting our Chain to grow, then please do not hestitate to contact us. Or should you simply just like to be informed of future developments regarding our many activities, then please sign up for our monthly newsletter. (Link: SJ Consulting )



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