Although this post was written for the collaborators of our project “The Great Translation Chain” I feel that my business associate has a valid point that involves all of us as translators – thank you Bénédicte!


Since there is no such thing as a “model translation” and this site being open to any professional translator who wishes to participate in this project, we have decided to post all the translations that are sent to us even though they happen to have the same source and target language. Indeed, we wish to allow different sensibilities to express themselves, stress the fact that one single text can be restituted into the target language in a plurality of ways without altering the essence of the original document and also to highlight the different forms a particular language can take depending on the country where it is spoken. These facts will appear as evidences to professional translators but may raise awareness in readers having different professional backgrounds.

Of course, a slight problem may arise when, as was the case yesterday, we received several translations of the source document into the same language. We have therefore decided before posting them all that we would wait for more translations to be sent to us in other target languages so that they would all blend more harmoniously.

This site is definitely not a place for competition –we have enough of it in the business world- but, once again a place for sharing ideas & interpretations and giving translators the opportunity not only to express their creativity freely but also to fuel their curiosity in other languages and in linguistics at large.

A word of encouragement – Keep up the fantastic job!


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