A la fin de la journée

One of the biggest challenges we meet daily with The Great Translation Chain© is the question of how to achieve our main objective, which is to reach as many living languages as we can with our project. Right from the outset the Chain© was conceived with this idea in mind; in order for the project to work it has to meet two major goals 1/ Give greater visibility to causes & 2/ Cross the barriers imposed by the diversity of language. 

On with the battle!

With around 6,500 living languages & out them some 2,000 languages only being spoken by as few as 1,000 speakers, the challenge really is on.

When you look at it, the reality is this: Chinese Mandarin is the most widely spoken language with around 1,213,000,000 speakers – we don’t yet have a collaborator! In fourth position we have Arabic with 221,000,000 – we don’t yet have a collaborator! And surprisingly with German in 10th position with 90,000,000 – hum – yes, we don’t have any collaboration ………

This is not to say that we don’t have the wonderful collaboration of some fantastic translators, offering their services & a great diversity of language, it just means that if this project is to work we need more!

Now unlike some translators & agencies out there we’re not about to shout “We can translate into some 300 languages & have knowledge on all matters!” from the rooftops & so yes, unfortunately, that means we need help!

You don’t necessarily have to be a translator to help either. There are other ways; remember the old concept of the chain mail (one of the things that sparked the idea of The GTC©) – you receive a mail and pass it on to five of your contacts – hopefully this Chain© won’t be as annoying but I think you get the idea. I’m sure one of your contacts must know somebody Chinese, Arabic or German or whatever, who knows somebody, who knows somebody that is willing to donate a translated 200 word text in support of causes.

With about 110 million tweets per day, 294 billion emails per day & around 6.1 trillion emails sent in 2010, could we please ask you to help us reach these remote languages? Not only would you being doing us a favour but you would also being doing your bit for causes & helping to slow down UNESCO’s figure of one language dying every two weeks.

The Great Translation Chain founded by the associates of SJ Consulting.


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