Le Gueuloir – déjà vu?

« Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose » wrote Judith Thurman in The New Yorker today referring to the latest coup de théâtre in DSK’s roman à clef. Entre nous, I do not really agree with such statement. Although I am not au fait as to what happened between la crème de la crème of the IMF and the Mademoiselle from the Sofitel nor whether this nouveau riche fell innocently in a trou de loup carefully planned by political conspirators or bellowed as he came out of his bathroom smelling of eau de Cologne “je suis enchanté, voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” I do not get the impression of history repeating itself. Of course there is a je ne sais quoi of déjà vu but even though I have become a bit blasé, I find that all these volte-face and sickly tableaux vivants have definitely given the coup de grâce to the credibility of most media and the press in particular.


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