When you have the will but the way poses a whole new set of questions …..

Around the world in 80 translations

Speaking of will, well there is most definitely plenty of that; our humanitarian project TGTC (The Great translation Chain) is testament to that. We have, since first conceiving the idea a couple of months ago, seen that the will to participate has gone above and beyond our initial expectations. As with all projects without any financial backing to speak of, & without any offer of pay to the collaborators, we thought it would be a lot harder than it has been to convince people to take part. To date we are proud to announce to have accumulated some 80 translations donated by a great team of translators from around the world.

When it is not a question of money

So why does the way pose a whole new set of questions? In today’s world of ever-increasing technological advances it is difficult to see how we can advance our project site to better improve the way in which to make collaborating quicker & easier & thus limiting collaboration time to that of just translating. The first problem – without the funding for a sophisticated software run management tool it seems impossible – the second problem being we are not really looking for funding! What’s the point of “giving” if you need to fund it financially?

What we do need is advice & that’s all we’re asking for.  If you’re reading this & have a suggestion to make regarding site management or ways in which to improve the sites function then please feel free to contact us. We feel it is important to strive forwards with this project in order to benefit those to whom the project was originally intended.

Please share this article with anybody who may have the know-how to assist – every little helps!

If you are not already familiar with TGTC then visit our site to learn more ====>>>


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