Looking for guest writers who are passionate about causes…..

As with the majority of you passing by here I am a freelance worker – well with a slight difference. Let me explain; I have a blog which works as a humanitarian project for causes. The way it works is that we (my associates & I) post a text supporting & promoting awareness for a cause whether it be human, animal or environmental & our collaborators (who also donate their time) translate the text into as many different languages as possible, thus crossing the barriers imposed by language diversity & giving the subject greater visibility.

The way it has worked so far is that we have either written the text ourselves or we have asked permission to extract from existing material posted by NGOs. What we would like to do is post more often to increase the participation of others. So far, the increase in traffic has been quite something, but we would like to double that over the coming months.

The blog: http://thegreattranslationchain.wordpress.com

This is where you come in – if you are a writer and would like lots of publicity for your writing talents, we would like to showcase your work in return for a small (sorry unpaid for the moment) donated article on causes (150-200) words. You also get to promote a cause that you support!

What a great way to noticed – helping others whilst showcasing your talents.

Interested leave a comment, email me sj.consulting.paris@gmail.com, or leave your details through the site.

Twitter: http://fr.twitter.com/#!/SJCParis

Professional site: http://www.sjlanguageconsulting.com


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