A translator’s story

This is a new feature of our humanitarian project “The Great Translation Chain” – Here is where we invite collaborators of our awareness raising site to recount plights they witness in their locality.

Here is our first story – written by Anne Seidenberg – translator from Mexico:

My name is Anne, and I am a translator, editor,
proofreader who for the last six years has lived in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Now, I call Mexico my home, and care deeply
for it. I would like to do my part to make it a better place.   As the mother of three adorable street cats
named Pancho, Stela and Abi, I am heartbroken by the plight of cats and dogs
that have no choice but to wander the streets at the  mercy of people who may offer them food and
shelter, or be violent and torture them.
While cats are my great passion,  I cannot neglect to mention the documentary “Companions to None (Companeros
de Nadie)” by the director Bill Buchanan.
It addresses the problem of neglected and stray dogs.   While
I have not seen it, I read about it in the LA Times.  What pleased me was that it mentioned that
there are many animal rights activists in Mexico.  If you are an activist in the Guadalajara and
need help, please let me know.

For more details visit The Great Translation Chain – perhaps, you to have a story to share.


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