Indignados vs Sarkovernment

Following our post on the Great Translation Chain regarding the Spanish “Indignados”, please enjoy a little snapshot on the state of the movement in France and the response from the Sarkovernment:

The Parisians « Indignés » did not exactly take to the streets last Saturday. And yet, soaring unemployment & poverty, dismantling of public services & education, recurrent scandals within the French government – under a sick backdrop of arm sales to Africa, dodgy lawyers & businessmen,-rocketing prices, together with soaking up of public wealth by a minority of bastards, should have logically sent almost everybody “à la Bastille”…

 “In lieu of” a massive demonstration, the “Place de l’Hôtel de ville” hosted a meager schoolchildren’s evening party with music provided by the adjacent “I hate Sarko” tunes by nicely dressed Ivory-Coast nationals demonstrating Ghandilike against France’s meddling into their national interests.

 Apart from the unbelievable lack of interest from the French regarding a crisis that, even though they believe will only impact their poor little neighbours, has already started to undermine every single aspect of their everyday life-not to mention their future-the amount of police forces deployed on this ridiculous spot in order to prevent an improbable upheaval certainly made the day of disbelieving –and believing –onlookers. Dozens of riot police cars were sent to block the nearby streets. Cordons and cordons of booted, helmeted, shielded  and armed policemen then fired tear grenades, insulted passersby , kicked the face in a of a female hippie, and scrupulously denied anyone the right- written in the French constitution- of freedom of movement and expression.

Under such circumstances, how could the French people not only feel reassured but also confident in their security and the future of their democratic values?

Original article written & translated by Bénédicte Voisin


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