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Finely Tuned Words

SJC ParisOver the last decade I have probably made the biggest life-changing decisions of my life – and boy have they brought about change!

The first was to completely uproot myself, move country, and leave what I knew behind in order to discover a whole new direction to my life.

Of course this brought about a professional change; I didn’t want to leave everything that I once knew behind but of course if the skills I had honed in the UK were going to have any credibility they would have to be adapted to my new life in France.

What better way to adapt them than to make them relevant to the universal language industry! I have to admit that at this time I was definitely not ready to go it alone and so I initially employed my skills to the benefit of some “shark”!

50 hour working weeks and long tedious journeys soon kicked the entrepreneurial part of my brain into touch & so the next life-changing decision came about, but not without the valuable help of my friends & associates – vital at times like these. And so, SJ Consulting was born – a language solutions company combining all of the essential ingredients for a language lover, with the added benefit of having the most wonderful network of associates to work with!

The mixture of teaching, translating, coaching, proofreading and of course not forgetting blogging really does keep me on my toes; being able to share this work with associates keeps it interesting and alive. I know that many people tend to choose to stay “very much” on their own, like to keep the work they find to themselves, even when they find that they can’t manage everything they receive. On the contrary I have found that I am actually far more productive sharing what I have! continue reading



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#RW2011 not another royal blunder I hope?

Yes, being a Brit through & through it’s only  right to  figure out a way to intermingle the subject of translation & the Great British Monarchy!

Actually, not as difficult as you think – you try to explain to a “royal-less” Frenchy why Britain would go ahead with “the wedding of the decade” when the Economy (poor Economy) is so fragile. Why hundreds of Brits will sell their soul to get their hands on  William & Katie tea-towels, mugs, plates – or anything for that matter that can be  proudly displayed on their Welsh dresser, when families have never been financially worse off.

If I am beginning to sound like an anti-royal wedding campaigner forgive me for I am most certainly not! I am merely trying to explain to you the difficulty of formulating a decent explanation, for my English students in Paris, for the hysteria surrounding this occasion. Let’s face it the last time we had such a fairy-tale romance it ended in tears! read more


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AFTER DEADLINE – Times Topics Blog –

AFTER DEADLINE – Times Topics Blog –



Here is an interesting article from The New York Times.

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SJC Paris English Grammar Nuances

Cours d’anglais Paris – Native English teacher

French courses Paris – Native French teacher

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson:  you find the present tense, but the past perfect!  ~Owens Lee Pomeroy


Whether you are a student, a teacher or just somebody who’s interested in the English language – this page is for you!

Post your problem & we promise to provide you with an explanation.


  • Difference between the gerund and the infinitive
  • Present perfect uses
  • The difference between the continuous & simple tense
  • Modal verbs explained – must, have to, should, ought to …..
  • How do I use reported speech
  • Putting the active voice into the passive

We also provide English and French lessons via Skype – ID – SJC_Paris_001

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SJ Language Consulting


SJ Language Consulting has started a monthly newsletter where we intend to bring you all the latest news from the world of translations & language teaching.

We may be new to the habit of “social-networking” but we hope that with lots of practice & tweeks in the right place, that we will be able to showcase our experience in the field of linguistics.

Please take a look, sign up & we promise to keep you posted!

There are a lot of regular weekly Blogs planned – in fact we have ideas coming out of our ears!

We hope that there will be something to interest everybody but of course we are also open to suggestions.

See you soon!

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