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Indignés « Indignados » vs Sarkovernment

Dans le prolongement d’un article que nous avions publié sur notre site The Great Translation Chain relatif au mouvement des « indignados » espagnols, un petit état des lieux sur l’état du mouvement en France et la réponse des autorités :

Les « indignés » parisiens n’étaient pas légion ce samedi. Et pourtant, avec l’augmentation du chômage et de la précarité, le démantèlement du service public, l’effondrement du système éducatif, les scandales à répétition au sein du gouvernement sur fond de vente d’armes, d’argent sale d’hommes d’affaires et d’avocats véreux, l’augmentation des prix et la captation des richesses par une minorité de salopards, tout le monde ou presque aurait dû se retrouver dans la rue… Continue reading


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Translators wanted – Translators wou in hierdie taal – Fjalori i përkthimeve të kërkuar në këtë gjuhë

In order to try and increase the number of collaborators to The GTC We have had to resort to the services of Mr Google… shame on us! We hope we have not involuntarily insulted our fellow translators in the process and that at best they could have a good laugh at our expense.

Translators wanted

Translators wou in hierdie taal

Fjalori i përkthimeve të kërkuar në këtë gjuhë Continue reading


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Translators from all countries, unite!

No, I am not a Marxist and yet I believe there is a case for urgency! An urgency to denounce unchained neo-liberalism which renders life impossible for the majority of worldwide citizens to the profit of the richest, the ransacking of planetary resources, the worshipping of money, ugliness, the casting aside of goods and people, the ferocious promotion of egotism; the pre-planned systematic destruction of our natural habitat, the lack of information on the human and ecological stakes stemming from our governing bodies.

An urgency to denounce the deliberate crushing of our educational systems, the threat weighing on cultural and linguistic diversity due to an ever increasing disappearance of languages and the uprising effects of globalization.

An emergency situation to safeguard, whilst still possible, the specifics of each and every country, of each and every culture, to voice our opinions rather than to just put a cross on a ballot paper, the right to circulate real information and not just to gossip.

As translators, our mission is to also use our talent, as a powerful communication tool to convey ideas which solely belong to us and as a means of resistance. continue reading!

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Le Gueuloir du Vendredi

Oh, le vilain mot !

Le principe fondateur de notre projet « The Great Translation Chain » est la notion de partage. Je sais, ça commence mal. De fait, quel est l’abruti qui serait encore tenté de partager quoi que ce soit avec quiconque ? Un catho qui, tressaillant de joie, file la pièce à un clodo ? Un Bill Gates qui, croulant sous le blé, la thune, le flouze, le pèze se sent obligé de donner une miette de son gros gâteau à des « bonnes œuvres » ? Un communiste, un vrai, un pur, un dur, un jeune chevelu d’un autre temps, quoi ? Un malade mental qui n’aurait pas encore compris les vertus du libéralisme débridé, du marche-ou-crève, du prend-l’oseille-et-tire-toi ? Pire, un fauché, qui sait ce que c’est lui, de ne pas avoir de pognon et qui, lorsque par miracle, arrive à en gratter un peu va payer sa tournée à ses potes ?

Le partage est furieusement anti-tendance, « out », comme ils disent. Il faut surtout bien rester dans son petit coin, surveiller son petit tas de fric, veiller à bien marcher sur la gueule de ses petits copains, trouver la petite idée en or qui permettra de baiser un maximum de gens en un minimum de temps, entretenir jalousement ses petits réseaux et surtout, surtout, bien fermer ses petits yeux sur l’immense bordel que tout cela provoque tout en spéculant adroitement sur la misère des autres.

Alors, si vous êtes aussi tarés que nous, si les valeurs qu’on vous impose vous rendent dingues, si vous pensez qu’il y a peut-être de la vie sur la Terre, des causes à défendre, si vous avez un peu de temps à consacrer pour essayer de secouer ce triste cocotier, rejoignez-nous. Rassurez-vous, vous ne toucherez pas un rond.

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The Machine, the Human & the Translator

Freedom of speech, being in charge of expression, hopefully knowing when it’s best to keep your mouth shut – if this in some way describes you then I guess you’re in the right place!

The Language Brigade

Yes it’s wonderful to be au fait with all the latest news on language & translation tools – well let’s face it the list is pretty endless …..

First let’s take a look at  language tools designed to assist in grammar and spelling: 1) After the Deadline to fix your writing 2) the text expanding PhraseExpress & of course we have to go on to mention something to do with Crowdsourcing (it’s everywhere after all) 3) that wonderful tool which really helps you to “make your mind up”!

Forget Me Not

Now if you’re having a little memory lapse; let’s face it we all have them now and again don’t we? To the rescue we have: Tip of my tongue (my god that is so annoying & apparently gets worse with age) & Wolfram Alpha (doesn’t that sound a little like something out of an X Men film) & of course if you happen to have an annoying 6-year-old kid you could always ask him to jog that ailing memory! continue reading….

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Scrambled Translators

~ Put all your eggs in one basket — and watch that basket! Mark Twain – The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson

I am an empire

Having one’s own little business empire can really give you a sense of pride. Not being at somebody else’s beck and call can certainly have its advantages, especially if you’re an organized and motivated professional. But just one word of warning to all of you young & budding translators and freelancers; don’t go putting all of your eggs in one basket – the bottom may just fall out!

I decided to write this post today in order to give a little advice to any of you out there who are just starting out as freelance worker; whether it be in language training, translating, in fact any kind of freelancing.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

If you are lucky enough to get plenty of work right from the outset you will be counting your lucky stars. If all of that work comes in from one place then even better; you will be rubbing your hands together all the way to the bank and not giving a worry to tomorrow’s bread & butter. One word of warning to the wise – watch that the basket doesn’t have a hole in it! Remember if your one true & loyal collaborator goes down you do too! continue reading

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Watch out for the fat cats!

Getting satisfaction from ones job is a must when one considers how much time is devoted to making money. For freelancers the very question of money & satisfaction is one that circulates around the head every time a new job offer pops up in the hub of their business world – the very hive of activity (if you’ve done your sums right) – the email in (with the offers) box.

That satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with many other factors too: Am I respected as a professional? Am I given the due respect I am worth? Actually the nitty gritty of it is- am I being told the truth?

Am I being told the truth? What do I mean?

I participated in the “Take our poll: should new clients test your skills or hire you on trust?” I answered honestly that I thought it only fair to carry out a small translation test of around 250 words. Fair because let’s face it you wouldn’t hire a person you had never met nor interviewed  before would you? Agree as I may I do have something to add to this & whilst I’m at it lets also get back to the original question of “Am I being told the truth?”

On submitting your “test” translation you are doing so in good faith, just as if you were getting suited and booted for that all important job interview. You wouldn’t expect to arrive, be asked to make coffee & then find out that you needn’t have bothered blowing the moth balls off the old whistle because the job never really existed in the first place. Or worst still it was given over to a machine long ago! Confused? Don’t be, I can easily explain ….. read on!


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