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Indignés « Indignados » vs Sarkovernment

Dans le prolongement d’un article que nous avions publié sur notre site The Great Translation Chain relatif au mouvement des « indignados » espagnols, un petit état des lieux sur l’état du mouvement en France et la réponse des autorités :

Les « indignés » parisiens n’étaient pas légion ce samedi. Et pourtant, avec l’augmentation du chômage et de la précarité, le démantèlement du service public, l’effondrement du système éducatif, les scandales à répétition au sein du gouvernement sur fond de vente d’armes, d’argent sale d’hommes d’affaires et d’avocats véreux, l’augmentation des prix et la captation des richesses par une minorité de salopards, tout le monde ou presque aurait dû se retrouver dans la rue… Continue reading


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#Chain 15 ‘Thousands of children’ sexually exploited by gangs

#Chain 15 ‘Thousands of children’ sexually exploited by gangs.

The latest article published on The Great Translation Chain is aimed at raising the awareness of the terrible sex-crimes against children in the UK.

Past chains have looked at much poorer countries and the horrific abuse of children whether through sexual abuse or through crimes such as that of Uganda’s witch doctors who sacrifice children in the belief that this will “certain ones amongst them” riches.

The Great Translation Chain and its collaborators are working hard to make stories such as these far more reaching by crossing the barriers imposed by language.

Is there anything you can do to help?

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Lost in the translators’ lounge & other stories

It’s really quite funny the way that social & professional networking sites do not take any notice of that “Do Not Disturb” sign on the virtual door of your supposed freelance office.

If they were knocking down my door with offers of well-paid work & achievable deadlines then I don’t suppose I would care too much, but I have to say (or maybe shout); HAVE SOME PEOPLE GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO?

I was under the impression that sites such as LinkedIn & Twitter were designed in such a way that you could filter the information you wanted from the information you wish you had never seen …?

So why is it that over the last few months I have received some rather strange feeds from the said sites? Offers of web-design I haven’t asked for, the ranting of a teacher from India declaring that English natives cannot teach grammar (this subject will be revisited) & being asked not to post translation related information to a translation group talking about …. yes translations!

I may well not be an angel, I may annoy some with my plugging of my joint venture “translation for causes” project but I ask you; would you prefer to translate for good causes, or for a rotten agency that wants you to work to blood-cutting deadlines for a mere pittance? Yes the unscrupulous swine who was rude to me did not take kindly to the fact that some people wanted to give up their time to my project rather than accept to be paid fewer than 2 cents (if they were lucky) by him!

Before you throw tomatoes at me and drag me off to the gallows; let me just add that I am not tarring all agencies with the same brush and I know that some translation jobs are well-paid. I am one of the lucky ones who get to work for the good of others sometimes.

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When you have the will but the way poses a whole new set of questions …..

Around the world in 80 translations

Speaking of will, well there is most definitely plenty of that; our humanitarian project TGTC (The Great translation Chain) is testament to that. We have, since first conceiving the idea a couple of months ago, seen that the will to participate has gone above and beyond our initial expectations. As with all projects without any financial backing to speak of, & without any offer of pay to the collaborators, we thought it would be a lot harder than it has been to convince people to take part. To date we are proud to announce to have accumulated some 80 translations donated by a great team of translators from around the world. Continue reading

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Thanking Translators ….

Right from the outset we said that “The Great Translation Chain” was not only about supporting causes through translation, but was also about giving greater visibility to the vital work of translators.

We have remained true to our word & the latest addition to the site pays proof to that. We would thus like to introduce you to the new “Featured Collaborator” page. Our first feature goes to Saith Bautista – we will let him tell you more ………>

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Le Gueuloir – déjà vu?

« Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose » wrote Judith Thurman in The New Yorker today referring to the latest coup de théâtre in DSK’s roman à clef. Continue reading

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When giving is not enough do you give in …..?

Or do you take it on the chin, pull yourself up by the boot-straps, brush yourself off & say “OK – you know what, tomorrow is another day”? I don’t know; you tell me.

Confused? Yes, so am I ….. Continue reading

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