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Viva España, el pueblo unido….

Wagner vs IMF

Dashed Dreams?

After witnessing the dynamite ignited in most Arab countries and most recently in Spain, we were awaiting something to happen today in the (over) mythical Place de la Bastille. The expectation that French people would join the protest of their fellow EU counterparts was crowned with success, ironically, mainly in part by a mob of French civil servants all belonging, lo and behold; to the French police force who deployed a cordon protectively around the dreadlocked demonstrators sitting in protest beneath the gilded statue of “Les trois glorieuses”!

La France, pays des droits de l’homme et du citoyen and instigator of the  aborted  (thank God !)  Union Pour la Méditerranée project, otherwise  known as, the wait for it, Barcelona Process !!! Et voilà le résultat! Oh la la 😉 Continue reading!


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Le Gueuloir du Vendredi – Lost in translation!

Due to the delay experienced by all of our followers we have decided to provide you with a little distraction to banish those Sunday blues. All you have to decide is “human” or “machine”!

Unfortunately, it would seem, that due to the wonders of MT and the lifesaving force of Google translation Friday’s gueuloir appears to have got somewhat lost in translation…

We apologise for this delay and can assure all followers that the MT has truly been binned ! (human / machine)

Malheureusement, il semblerait, qu’en raison de la demande de MT et de la force vitale de la traduction Google gueuloir vendredi semble avoir eu un peu perdu dans la traduction …

Nous nous excusons de ce retard et peut assurer à tous les fidèles que le MT a vraiment été mis en cellule! (human / machine)

Notre petit gueuloir du vendredi égaré avec Alice au pays des merveilles virtuelles s’est trouvé fort marri lorsque M. Google en personne fut venu lui tailler une petite bavette…  (human / machine)

Our little spoken word performances from Friday astray with Alice in Wonderland virtual was very much grieved when Mr. Google came to him in person was cut a small flap … (human / machine)

-Read on …..>

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Go Get them Singe!

Just a short blog but important nonetheless!

I would like to wish a very dear person in my life all the very best for the final leg of her master II today.

After watching the hard work that went in over the last four years I only feel it right that the campaign for Quality in Translation ~ QUIT continue.

When you work that hard to do your job to your best possible ability you deserve to be rewarded well!

So to all you critics of professional translators I have just a few words – wind your neck in!

Go get them Singe ……

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Translators Shush – you’ll make them curious

Many of you who have visited this blog before will know that I have not got a very favourable opinion when writing about the apparently growing band of “anti-translators” out there. Take for example “Was that CLOUD or CROWD” highlighting a particularly scathing attack on professionals, who in my opinion, get a pretty rough deal as it is.

This supposed professional CEO of an unnamed company based in Florida is just one of the reasons why I am determined to continue with my dogged plugging of the QUIT (quality in translation) campaign. Although there are many others like me out there, none of them seem to want to put a name to their support. Maybe I am wrong to do so – we’ll see if my earning drop any lower as a result!

Don’t get me wrong, if you are here reading this and are thinking “she is one het up woman” then please take a look back at the likes of “10 Hot Tips for the Sun Struck Translator” I mean come on – I do have a sense of humour! Read more

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Was that CLOUD or CROWD? Or just a fancy word for we don’t want to pay you?

“Every silver lining has a cloud.” – Mary Kay Ash

Being clever with words is, in my opinion, part of the job description when searching for a quality translator. Furthermore, I have to believe that considering present working conditions (underpaid with unachievable deadlines), the only reason anybody would want to get into this line of work is because they seriously believe they are professionals dedicated to producing translations of the highest caliber.

This as you may be aware is a subject close to my heart and my associates and I have been actively pursuing support of like-minded professionals to achieve a common platform of conditions for all.

Imagine then if you would at how astounded I was to read that professional linguists are weak, act as if they are uneducated, live on the streets and beg for their life! I beg your pardon? And if that is not bad enough – wait for it – also treated like peasants of the 19th century workers during the era of the Industrial Revolution! [sic]! The article went on to say that translators are “sweatshop workers” living in developed countries such as Spain, France, Italy and the US! Continue reading!


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10 Hot Tips for the Sun Struck Translator

The Sun struck Translator

The sun is shining through my business, office, workspace and yes, apartment window – the all-in-one porthole to my freelance existence.

Gazing backwards and forwards between the translation which is not even nearly about to be hot off the press, and the wonderful sunshine which is shouting “run Sam, be off with you, throw that long and tedious text to one side. Run to the park, throw your picnic blanket on the ground and surrender to a lazy day of sunbathing and ice-teas”, I realize the coming summer is going to be no walk in the park.

OK a translator’s survivor guide to the summer is needed here, so here goes:

10 Hot Tips for Surviving the Summer

  1. The first and most important tip for surviving your “summer of translations” is to begin by printing this list & putting it in all places of that you are likely to be tempted away from that little money making freelance empire of yours.
  2. Read on for your crucial tips!


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QUIT whilst you’re ahead!

SJC Paris

Whilst digging around for interesting translation related blogs at the weekend it became extremely obvious to me that many translators do support their fellow workers. Thanks to sites like Twitter it seems that a new kind of be-friending is taking place. It’s not the type of relationship that we saw with the increased success of Facebook, but a friendship that respects talent & hard-work.

One blog that caught my attention was “Twitter for Translations?” – why you may ask did this blog catch my attention in particular? Simply because the writer took time to mention and link to fellow professionals in the translation industry. It struck me that whilst some translators are ready to help promote their associates there are some out there that quietly plod along alone.

Sunday afternoon was spent discussing this subject with a translator friend. We were bantering around ideas for highlighting the QUIT (Quality in translation) campaign and the same question kept on cropping up; Why is that translators on the whole aren’t willing to put their names to a campaign that cries out for some kind of regulating within the translation industry? Surely we all want the same thing? Surely we all want a decent living? And surely we all want this for all professional freelance workers regardless of their field. Aren’t you entitled, after many years of study, to earn a decent crust?

So let’s QUIT taking insulting rates with ridiculous deadlines and start demanding better conditions for all.

I thank all followers for there unrelenting support – you know who you are!

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