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Jest for fun!

In response to yesterday’s Friday rant on underpaid translation work I invited a translator associate of mine to say a few words on the matter.

Here is the response – please enjoy!

Hi there for YOU !

Hi ham from a new species of translator, a very good translator, Hi can translate hinto all the languages of this planet and also of space (distant galaxies appreciated) although Hi never studied foreign language, never mention my own (my Mom always said how bright  Hi was). Hi can translate any kind of thechnical, medical, astrological, mathematical, philosophical, esotherycal, chemical, poetical, surgical and apologetical documents and Hi specilise in acetabular, vernacular, acicular, alveolar, antiburglar, antinuclear (good morning France J !) and antipopular technolologies. Hi can type faster than my own shadow, hand just need a few ours sleep a night. Also, my boss has tied Hi up to this nice and warm  radiator so you need not whorry about the job not being done in time. Hi have very few personal needs so Hi can do the job for a couple of centimes a day (forget the hourly rate). Hi gladly accept hall kind of foreign currencies : GBP, JPY, INR, ZAR, AFN, ARS and more. Hi can also prove read for an even cheaper price hall the documents that have already being been translated by those of my own kind. So, do not wait any further: click here for this one in a timelife very special offer and enter the realm of Hi-ham-better-than-Goggle&Mickey-united on-line-free of charges- liens and encumbrances translation. (No, Hi am not on dope….yet).

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