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Looking for guest writers who are passionate about causes…..

As with the majority of you passing by here I am a freelance worker – well with a slight difference. Let me explain; I have a blog which works as a humanitarian project for causes. The way it works is that we (my associates & I) post a text supporting & promoting awareness for a cause whether it be human, animal or environmental & our collaborators (who also donate their time) translate the text into as many different languages as possible, thus crossing the barriers imposed by language diversity & giving the subject greater visibility. Continue reading


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Thanking Translators ….

Right from the outset we said that “The Great Translation Chain” was not only about supporting causes through translation, but was also about giving greater visibility to the vital work of translators.

We have remained true to our word & the latest addition to the site pays proof to that. We would thus like to introduce you to the new “Featured Collaborator” page. Our first feature goes to Saith Bautista – we will let him tell you more ………>

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Translators wanted – Translators wou in hierdie taal – Fjalori i përkthimeve të kërkuar në këtë gjuhë

In order to try and increase the number of collaborators to The GTC We have had to resort to the services of Mr Google… shame on us! We hope we have not involuntarily insulted our fellow translators in the process and that at best they could have a good laugh at our expense.

Translators wanted

Translators wou in hierdie taal

Fjalori i përkthimeve të kërkuar në këtë gjuhë Continue reading


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When enough is not enough …..

…. we need to look elsewhere!

When first starting this blog it was with the intention to write interesting articles surrounding the wonderful subject of language & all that it encompasses. Three months on from the very first article, is that vision still the same?

I have to say no! Mainly because the initial vision was a very positive one & I soon found out after only a few hours of research that the one subject area that interested me the most, the translation industry, was one of much criticism and negativity. OK there was lots of praise for the big shot companies & the wonderfully ingenious software, but with regards to human contribution I didn’t see a lot  out there to make me smile – sad indeed I must say.

I have read lots of articles written mainly by people who actually benefit on the back of the hardworking translators, saying that translators should get off the “peanuts” wagon theory and should actually get on with searching for the positive side of being a freelance translator. After all, you do get to stay at home all day, sat on your backside, earning at least a meager living – come on what is there to complain about?

Is there really this belief out there that this is why translators choose their profession? That they couldn’t find anything better to do, so they decided to take the “easy” option, to stay at home, to string a few words together in the hope that somebody will throw enough scraps their way in order to keep the wolves from the door.

I should say at this point that these opinions don’t really surprise me – take a look at the news for example – if the word “news” were to be defined today what would we come up with – Doom & Gloom perhaps? continue reading!

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Viva España, el pueblo unido….

Wagner vs IMF

Dashed Dreams?

After witnessing the dynamite ignited in most Arab countries and most recently in Spain, we were awaiting something to happen today in the (over) mythical Place de la Bastille. The expectation that French people would join the protest of their fellow EU counterparts was crowned with success, ironically, mainly in part by a mob of French civil servants all belonging, lo and behold; to the French police force who deployed a cordon protectively around the dreadlocked demonstrators sitting in protest beneath the gilded statue of “Les trois glorieuses”!

La France, pays des droits de l’homme et du citoyen and instigator of the  aborted  (thank God !)  Union Pour la Méditerranée project, otherwise  known as, the wait for it, Barcelona Process !!! Et voilà le résultat! Oh la la 😉 Continue reading!

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Le Gueuloir du Vendredi

Oh, le vilain mot !

Le principe fondateur de notre projet « The Great Translation Chain » est la notion de partage. Je sais, ça commence mal. De fait, quel est l’abruti qui serait encore tenté de partager quoi que ce soit avec quiconque ? Un catho qui, tressaillant de joie, file la pièce à un clodo ? Un Bill Gates qui, croulant sous le blé, la thune, le flouze, le pèze se sent obligé de donner une miette de son gros gâteau à des « bonnes œuvres » ? Un communiste, un vrai, un pur, un dur, un jeune chevelu d’un autre temps, quoi ? Un malade mental qui n’aurait pas encore compris les vertus du libéralisme débridé, du marche-ou-crève, du prend-l’oseille-et-tire-toi ? Pire, un fauché, qui sait ce que c’est lui, de ne pas avoir de pognon et qui, lorsque par miracle, arrive à en gratter un peu va payer sa tournée à ses potes ?

Le partage est furieusement anti-tendance, « out », comme ils disent. Il faut surtout bien rester dans son petit coin, surveiller son petit tas de fric, veiller à bien marcher sur la gueule de ses petits copains, trouver la petite idée en or qui permettra de baiser un maximum de gens en un minimum de temps, entretenir jalousement ses petits réseaux et surtout, surtout, bien fermer ses petits yeux sur l’immense bordel que tout cela provoque tout en spéculant adroitement sur la misère des autres.

Alors, si vous êtes aussi tarés que nous, si les valeurs qu’on vous impose vous rendent dingues, si vous pensez qu’il y a peut-être de la vie sur la Terre, des causes à défendre, si vous avez un peu de temps à consacrer pour essayer de secouer ce triste cocotier, rejoignez-nous. Rassurez-vous, vous ne toucherez pas un rond.

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The Great Translation Chain

  ~”Supporting common causes whilst showcasing professional ability”

Some of you may have seen my tweets on The Great Translation Chain, but for those of you who have not & for those of you who loyally follow this blog, here’s the latest news on our new project.

We have been talking for months now about fair rates & fair deals for translators & have been asked many times in return what can be done to address the situation. The answer remains unclear but one thing for sure is that we professionals need to stick together.

So this is where The Great Translation Chain comes in; where translators will have the chance to work together & at the same time showcase their professional translation skills. In addition, you will also be raising awareness of causes such as modern-day slavery & the plights of natural disaster victims.

We believe that this approach will work well for all involved because not only will the translator have the opportunity to demonstrate just how well they can translate (despite the common belief they cannot)but they will also get showcased in a positive way. No longer will you need to spend time translating 250 word test documents! continue reading ==>

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