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Translators wanted – Translators wou in hierdie taal – Fjalori i përkthimeve të kërkuar në këtë gjuhë

In order to try and increase the number of collaborators to The GTC We have had to resort to the services of Mr Google… shame on us! We hope we have not involuntarily insulted our fellow translators in the process and that at best they could have a good laugh at our expense.

Translators wanted

Translators wou in hierdie taal

Fjalori i përkthimeve të kërkuar në këtë gjuhë Continue reading



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Was that CLOUD or CROWD? Or just a fancy word for we don’t want to pay you?

“Every silver lining has a cloud.” – Mary Kay Ash

Being clever with words is, in my opinion, part of the job description when searching for a quality translator. Furthermore, I have to believe that considering present working conditions (underpaid with unachievable deadlines), the only reason anybody would want to get into this line of work is because they seriously believe they are professionals dedicated to producing translations of the highest caliber.

This as you may be aware is a subject close to my heart and my associates and I have been actively pursuing support of like-minded professionals to achieve a common platform of conditions for all.

Imagine then if you would at how astounded I was to read that professional linguists are weak, act as if they are uneducated, live on the streets and beg for their life! I beg your pardon? And if that is not bad enough – wait for it – also treated like peasants of the 19th century workers during the era of the Industrial Revolution! [sic]! The article went on to say that translators are “sweatshop workers” living in developed countries such as Spain, France, Italy and the US! Continue reading!


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Translators’ Aunt is in Agony!

I started my day in the usual way – something to wake me up, followed by something to combat the stress, followed by OK let’s see what the day brings.

Browsing the Net looking for signs that there are other people in the language industry that are being forced into believing they have no choice other than to put up with earning a meager sum for a hard days graft, I came to many a conclusion but none of them conclusive!

Apparently Machine Translation is here to stay – haven’t we learnt anything from the massive suppression of “human positions” in order to make way for machines? Some humble bods out there are from the “old school” what are they supposed to do with their practiced skills? Reskill, reskill and reskill again I suppose.

From Machine Translation to Crowdsourcing – is this a new wave in sport?  Oh no that would be crowd surfing – something that the “old schoolies” could relate to. Crowd surfing across a mosh-pit almost has more appeal than losing your job to an undefined large group of people! …
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