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#Chain 15 ‘Thousands of children’ sexually exploited by gangs

#Chain 15 ‘Thousands of children’ sexually exploited by gangs.

The latest article published on The Great Translation Chain is aimed at raising the awareness of the terrible sex-crimes against children in the UK.

Past chains have looked at much poorer countries and the horrific abuse of children whether through sexual abuse or through crimes such as that of Uganda’s witch doctors who sacrifice children in the belief that this will “certain ones amongst them” riches.

The Great Translation Chain and its collaborators are working hard to make stories such as these far more reaching by crossing the barriers imposed by language.

Is there anything you can do to help?


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It has been around 6 months now since our translation for causes project “The Great Translation Chain” started & with the continued support of our collaborators we have managed to raise the awareness of some of the terrible global situations that need redressing.

Our latest Chain “Where child sacrifice is business” has got to be one of the worst stories covered so far. In saying that, we cannot just ignore horrors such as this & worse still horrors which are taking place as I type this post. We did, when writing this sensitive story, sensor some information merely to make the job of our generous collaborators a little less traumatic; however the facts speak for themselves & we felt it vital that we spread the word.

The Great Translation Chain not only gives causes, such as the one run by The Jubilee Campaign, greater visibility by breaking down the barriers imposed by language but also gives the stories longevity. Way after the articles disappear from the online & paper press The Chain just keeps on growing. Long after they are posted we still receive – with unexpected pleasure – a new translation from someone who just happened to come across our project & thus they help to keep the story alive and fresh in the mind.

Going back to The Jubilee Campaign I would like to share some feedback we received yesterday from one of its USA representatives; after reading it my associate & I both agreed that we really need to push for as many translations of the “Where child sacrifice is business” article as possible – if you can help please hit the link ====>>


Dear Samantha
Thank you so much for your interest and compassion on the issue of the Ugandan Child Sacrifices. Blogging on this issue is a great way to raise awareness, and we love that you and your team were able to translate the into three additional languages. As a group that does advocacy across language barriers, we are very aware of the importance of translation. Thank you for helping us get the word out and for promoting the petition.
I have forwarded your email to Danny Smith who runs Jubilee Campaign UK and is leading this petition. I invite you to contact him at danny@jubileecampaign.co.uk if you have any further questions.
Gregory Treat
Jubilee Campaign USA
9689-C Main St
Fairfax, VA 22031


If you can help then please visit & subscribe to our site The Great Translation Chain or email us at tgtc@sjlanguageconsulting.com


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#Chain 14 – Where Child Sacrifice is Business

#Chain 14 – Where Child Sacrifice is Business.

With the latest addition to our The Great Translation Chain project comes the horrifying story of child sacrifice in Uganda.

If you happen to be passionate about supporting causes and or be a translator then please visit this link & tell as many people as you can about how we are attempting to raise the awareness of global tragedies such as this one.

Every retweet & link shared helps in more ways than you realise. For each person we reach there is a chance that they may well be able to provide a translation in order to cross the barriers imposed by language or they may wish to help in other ways.

We also, if you have 5 minutes to spare, ask that you visit the Jubilee Campaign & pledge your support to causes like this one & others that are just as important – children are our future!

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Looking for guest writers who are passionate about causes…..

As with the majority of you passing by here I am a freelance worker – well with a slight difference. Let me explain; I have a blog which works as a humanitarian project for causes. The way it works is that we (my associates & I) post a text supporting & promoting awareness for a cause whether it be human, animal or environmental & our collaborators (who also donate their time) translate the text into as many different languages as possible, thus crossing the barriers imposed by language diversity & giving the subject greater visibility. Continue reading

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Although this post was written for the collaborators of our project “The Great Translation Chain” I feel that my business associate has a valid point that involves all of us as translators – thank you Bénédicte! Continue reading

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