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When giving is not enough do you give in …..?

Or do you take it on the chin, pull yourself up by the boot-straps, brush yourself off & say “OK – you know what, tomorrow is another day”? I don’t know; you tell me.

Confused? Yes, so am I ….. Continue reading


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Le Gueuloir – RSA – translators’ glossary!

Remember: the old RMI (in other words the French Minimum Insertion Revenue) was recently replaced by the “sexy and invigorating” RSA (Revenue of Active Solidarity) aimed at supporting jobless people. Instead of being given 454.63 €, they are now getting 460.09 €, Yippee, let’s go party!… Continue reading

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Translators wanted – Translators wou in hierdie taal – Fjalori i përkthimeve të kërkuar në këtë gjuhë

In order to try and increase the number of collaborators to The GTC We have had to resort to the services of Mr Google… shame on us! We hope we have not involuntarily insulted our fellow translators in the process and that at best they could have a good laugh at our expense.

Translators wanted

Translators wou in hierdie taal

Fjalori i përkthimeve të kërkuar në këtë gjuhë Continue reading


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Le Singe et la cacahuète…The Monkey and the Money Grinder


Intellectual interpretation – Nothing tastes quite like peanuts apart from when…

Je voudrais remercier ici tous mes frères Humains qui tentent désespérément de prouver qu’ils ne sont pas les seuls détenteurs de l’intelligence planétaire.

Depuis très longtemps, j’avais bien compris que si je me décidais à cracher ou pire, faire pipi sur la minable cacahuète qu’un chercheur avait adroitement placée au fond d’un tube à essai à l’intérieur de ma cage, en me servant de l’eau fétide placée à ma disposition, cette même cacahuète remonterait à la surface  et que je pourrais enfin la manger . Continue reading

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Le Gueuloir du Vendredi – After DSK

This has little to do with translation and yet I would like people to know, who are not particularly savvy with French politics, that it is probable that the next head of the IMF is going to be a French woman who belongs to a government that is a hardline supporter of unchained liberalism. This government, hand-in-hand with trade unions, superbly ignored millions of demonstrators who protested for weeks, against the basing of retirement age, and furthermore massively crippled the purchasing power of the majority of people, whilst lavishing fiscal presents on their selected rich friends!

Furthermore, according to and revealed by the weekly newspaper “Le Canard Enchaîné”, in 2008, on the order of the French President, she was requested to, using tortuous proceedings of arbitration, allow Mr Tapie, a supporter of the President and also a former supporter of left-winged  President Mitterrand, to receive the meager sum of 285 million euros of public money (including 45 million euros of “moral prejudice”) on the outcome of his battle against the bank “le Crédit Lyonnais” when he should have usually, according to the norm,  lost the case.

This matter is currently being investigated by the French “Cour de justice de la République” amidst general indifference.

Et voilà!

Bénédicte Voisin

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Viva España, el pueblo unido….

Wagner vs IMF

Dashed Dreams?

After witnessing the dynamite ignited in most Arab countries and most recently in Spain, we were awaiting something to happen today in the (over) mythical Place de la Bastille. The expectation that French people would join the protest of their fellow EU counterparts was crowned with success, ironically, mainly in part by a mob of French civil servants all belonging, lo and behold; to the French police force who deployed a cordon protectively around the dreadlocked demonstrators sitting in protest beneath the gilded statue of “Les trois glorieuses”!

La France, pays des droits de l’homme et du citoyen and instigator of the  aborted  (thank God !)  Union Pour la Méditerranée project, otherwise  known as, the wait for it, Barcelona Process !!! Et voilà le résultat! Oh la la 😉 Continue reading!

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Finely Tuned Words

SJC ParisOver the last decade I have probably made the biggest life-changing decisions of my life – and boy have they brought about change!

The first was to completely uproot myself, move country, and leave what I knew behind in order to discover a whole new direction to my life.

Of course this brought about a professional change; I didn’t want to leave everything that I once knew behind but of course if the skills I had honed in the UK were going to have any credibility they would have to be adapted to my new life in France.

What better way to adapt them than to make them relevant to the universal language industry! I have to admit that at this time I was definitely not ready to go it alone and so I initially employed my skills to the benefit of some “shark”!

50 hour working weeks and long tedious journeys soon kicked the entrepreneurial part of my brain into touch & so the next life-changing decision came about, but not without the valuable help of my friends & associates – vital at times like these. And so, SJ Consulting was born – a language solutions company combining all of the essential ingredients for a language lover, with the added benefit of having the most wonderful network of associates to work with!

The mixture of teaching, translating, coaching, proofreading and of course not forgetting blogging really does keep me on my toes; being able to share this work with associates keeps it interesting and alive. I know that many people tend to choose to stay “very much” on their own, like to keep the work they find to themselves, even when they find that they can’t manage everything they receive. On the contrary I have found that I am actually far more productive sharing what I have! continue reading


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