“The art of translation is getting the target language to fulfil the same function as the source”

The value of a good translation is something that has become underestimated. Nobody wants to spend the money, however it has become clear with the rise in “lost in translation” stories, that you get what you pay for. We believe in a fair pricing policy: reasonable rates for excellent results.


SJ Language Consulting is a company passionate about languages & communication. We offer legal, technical, editorial & business translations/proofreading in addition to language consulting services.

We provide translations in the following language combinations

English to French / French to English / German to English / German to French

We guarantee that our translations respect the original document, making sure that the right research is carried out in addition to checking  all technical & specialised nuances of the source language are correctly understood and translated accurately.

Writing is like art – each piece needs to be an original!

Samples from some of our past translation projects:

Project Deadlines

SJ Language Consulting keeps customers informed on each project stage as this can be as important as the project itself. Defining clear milestones and promises of delivery from the start helps prevent any possible future delays.

We not only set achievable goals but also make a pledge of quality and adhere to deadlines.

An example of our translation process from start to finish:

  1. Immediate confirmation email with details of follow-up email
  2. Your document & requests will be reviewed
  3. A quote, agreement & deadline details will follow by email
  4. On agreement a dedicated contact person will be requested
  5. Signed agreement, contract & project map
  6. Translation commences with regular updates

Quality in Translation

SJ Language Consulting are advocates of the “Quality in Translation” campaign ensuring that freelance translators are recognised for the professionals that they are. This campaign is purely aimed at raising awareness amongst professionals in the field of translation; the rest is up to us!

We need to set personal standards, demand certain standards and more importantly protect our industry from being crushed by those undercutting those standards.

Saying that you deliver quality translations in return for a decent living is after all a good message to send out.

Quality in Translation


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